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Immerse yourself in the beauty of Sanxenxo.

Galicia is a tourist place that captivates and seduces. Many people are attracted to this land thanks to its rich culture, its delicious cuisine made up of the best products from the sea and the land, its exuberant nature, beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate and, above all, the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Sanxenxo is the jewel in Galicia’s crown as a tourist destination in its own right. Located in the O Salnés region, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, it enjoys a subtropical climate that is characterized by mild winters and cool summers, with pleasant temperatures and more hours of sunshine than popular tourist destinations such as Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca. Furthermore, its varied landscape and its cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer is hardly comparable to other nearby places. If you are looking for a unique experience in a paradisiacal place, Sanxenxo is the perfect place for you.


Sanxenxo (10 Km), for sea lovers Sanxenxo offers the possibility of practicing sailing, diving, winsurfing or surfing in the wide waves of the numerous beaches, Montalvo, A Lanzada, Areas among others. O Grove (8 km), seafood capital. The municipality of O Grove is located on the southern shore of the Arousa estuary, serving as the limit between it and Pontevedra. Fishing, shellfish harvesting, purification and canning industries, as well as tourism are its basic activities.

Islas Atlánticas

Ons and Cíes Islands. The National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia is the first and only space with this category in the Galician autonomous community and the second in the national territory of a maritime terrestrial nature, together with the Cabrera Archipelago in the Balearic Islands. These islands were declared a National Park in 2002 as one of the best examples of the ecosystems typical of the Spanish Atlantic coasts and seabed. The National Park includes the archipelagos of Cortegada, Sálvora, Ons and Cíes and the maritime space that surrounds them, this marine strip constituting 86% of the total protected surface, which gives us a clear idea of the importance of the marine environment in this protected space.


Cambados (15 km), capital of Albariño. Cambados is a municipality located in the Salnés region, the center of the Rías Bajas, in the province of Pontevedra. It has a Historical Complex that was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. It is one of the best restored in Galicia. The Cambodian heritage boasts palaces and noble houses, sculptures designed by great artists and pieces of popular art, squares and cobblestone streets, a pleasure for those who love art and history. Cambados is also known as the Capital of Albariño, since the cultivation and export of wine give it worldwide renown. Here the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin was created and promoted, which controls and improves wine production for export to the main markets.


Combarro (20 km), has a historic center declared a Site of Cultural Interest. Combarro is a parish in the municipality of Poio, located in the Galician province of Pontevedra. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it constituted an independent municipality. It is a fishing town, close to both the provincial capital, Pontevedra (7 km), and other recognized towns such as Sanxenxo and Marín. The most notable thing is its old area, where there are many hórreos, cruzeiros, tapas bars, restaurants and gift shops

Isla de Arousa

Arousa Island (35 km) declared a Natural Reserve by the European Union.


Pontevedra (40 km), monumental city of art and history, recognized as one of the most comfortable European cities to live in and with the most important historic center in Galicia after Santiago de Compostela.


Vigo (65 km), known as the “Olívic City”, is the most populated municipality in Galicia and has one of the largest fishing ports in the world. The new Vialia shopping center stands out, with its exorbitant ‘Halo’ observation deck-elevator overlooking the estuary.


Santiago de Compostela (80 km), capital of Galicia, declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO, and “End of the Camino” for hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world who complete the Camino de Santiago every year

The essence of Galicia: our festivities

Gastronomic and popular festivities, festivals, pilgrimages, cultural and sporting events, shows…

``Pilgrimage of Our Holy Virgin of A Lanzada``

Last Saturday of August

Festivities in honor of Our Holy Virgin of A Lanzada that are celebrated annually on the last weekend of August. In this pilgrimage, hundreds of faithful from all over the region gather, who come to the Virgin because she is famous for rituals of female fertility.

Wine Festival in Cambados

First weekend of August

Every year the Wine Festival is celebrated in Cambados (Pontevedra), the first weekend of the month of August. This festival of national tourist interest, celebrated since 1953, begins with a bet between friends to see who can make the best “Albariño” wine.Currently it is one of the most popular gastronomic festivals in Galicia, in which, apart from tasting one of the wines from the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin, there is also a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities along the entire promenade of the road.

Gastronomic festival of the Ostra in Noalla

Second weekend of August

Lovers of good food will have the opportunity to delight in the exquisite flavor of oysters. But the delights will not end there, since the gastronomic offer will also include a varied selection of delicacies, such as succulent mussels, fresh sardines, tempting churrasco and the traditional patty.
Music will also occupy a prominent place in this festivity. Various musical groups will come together to provide melodic accompaniment to the days of celebration, ensuring a lively atmosphere full of joy.

Rías Baixas Motorcycle Rally in Sanxenxo

First weekend of September

Rías Baixas International Motorcycle Tourist Concentration, an event that continues throughout the weekend and in which, accordingto the data managed by the organization, the attendance of up to 15,000 people is expected.

Festivity of Santiago Apostle

July 25

Within the current celebration, the magnificent fireworks that take place in the Square of Obradoiro, during the night of the 24th, stand out, an impressive spectacle that in recent years has been accompanied by projections and audiovisual shows on the facades of the cathedral and other buildings. historic of the square. During the 25th, the celebration of a solemn mass in the cathedral stands out, in which the King or a delegate of the Royal Household makes a traditional offering to the Apostle Santiago. But in addition, July 25 is also Galicia Day, which gives rise to numerous and diverse celebrations by Galicians.

Seafood Festival in O Grove

From October 2 to 12

The O Grove Seafood festivity, declared of National Tourist Interest, brings together a multitude of people every year who come from all latitudes of the peninsula and even from neighboring Portugal. This event par excellence, in addition to offering all kinds of seafood, also has a huge variety of activities.

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